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Tallyho Insurance Services | The Watson Agency is a full-service insurance company in Lafayette, LA. We are committed to comprehensively assisting individuals, businesses, and families who need to use their insurance policy due to an unforeseen happening or for any other reason. In promoting the services we offer, we take a personal approach and let our clients know that we’ll take their insurance needs seriously.



Homeowner insurance helps protect you, your home, and your belongings from various unexpected events. A standard policy includes four key types of coverage: dwelling, personal property, liability, and other structures. Coverage on other structures can help you pay for necessary repairs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about this insurance.



An automobile insurance plan is a contract between you and the insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of a vehicular accident or theft. As outlined in the policy, we agree to pay for your losses in exchange for your paying a premium. The package we offer covers the following:

  • Property – damages to or theft of your car
  • Liability – your legal responsibility to involved individuals for bodily injuries or property damages
  • Medical – the cost of injury treatment and rehabilitation as well as lost wages and funeral expenses

You can be sure that our automobile insurance plans are priced individually to let you customize coverage amounts based on your specific needs and budget. Generally, policies are issued for six-month or one-year periods and are renewable. We’ll send you a notice to renew your policy and pay your premium.


Some of the common types of commercial insurance are property, liability, and workers’ compensation. Property insurance covers damages to your business property, while liability insurance pays for third parties’ injuries. Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance covers the treatment of your employees’ on-the-job injuries.



Life insurance is a contract where an insurer promises to pay, in exchange for a premium, a specified beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured person. The term life insurance our company offers is the most affordable type of life insurance that pays a tax-free lump sum of money for a financial safety net.

Long Term Care

Purchasing a long term care insurance policy covers costs of care when you have a chronic medical condition, disability, or disorder.



Casualty insurance is a liability coverage of an individual or organization for omissions or negligent acts. Turn to us for liability coverage that helps protect you in the event you’re found legally responsible for an accident that caused injuries to another person or damages to another individual’s property.

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